Delivering Personalized Legal Representation

Matthew L. Skinner is a criminal defense attorney who combines aggressive and compassionate legal representation. Matt listens to your needs and concerns. He also fights for you whether negotiating for a better sentence or litigating your case in state or federal court. Matt understands how to try criminal law cases in South Dakota and in federal courts.

Experienced Counsel When You Need It Most

The costs of an arrest and conviction are high. For this reason no one requires the services of an attorney more than those charged with crimes. As no two criminal law cases are alike, the outcome of such matters revolves around the individual facts of the case and the nature of the charges. As a lawyer, Matt Skinner takes the time to get to know your circumstances and investigates these matters to determine precisely what occurred.

Matt works with individuals of all ages in making certain they receive the legal representation they need. He has a special rapport with young people and is often representing them in juvenile court. Matt makes himself available for every client, and will be there for them from the beginning until the end of every criminal law matter.

Matt represents individuals charged with fraud, forgery, burglary, theft and a variety of federal crimes. He also represents individuals charged with possession of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine, as well as those charged with possession of prescription drugs with the intent to sell.

Another area of representation includes individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony DUI cases. Matt fights for these individuals to retain their driving privileges. In the event a prior conviction exists, he understands the process for expungement of this arrest from the criminal record.

Access To Needed Resources

Having provided criminal defense representation in state court for 15 years, Matt Skinner knows a number of investigators and experts who can bolster your defense. Matt uses these professionals to testify on your behalf at trial.

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