Your Child’s Needs Come First

Ensuring that your child is properly cared for is of the utmost importance. To achieve this, a joint effort is required. Even if they are separated or divorced, it is important that both parents contribute meaningfully to their child’s upbringing.

At times, parents are able to agree on a plan for child support. However, if no agreement can be reached, the courts will get involved and the process will become complicated. This can be overwhelming. It is important to hire an experienced attorney who will devote personal attention to your case — someone who will make sure your child receives adequate support, and also works to ensure that your obligations are not unfair.

For more than 25 years, attorney Matthew L. Skinner has assisted residents throughout Meade County with their child support obligations. He is dedicated to forming personal relationships with his clients, and helping them achieve their legal goals. With the understanding that your child’s needs come first, he provides firm, effective representation to bring about just outcomes.

An Individualized Approach To Family Law

The South Dakota courts take child support matters seriously. Even when parents reach an accord, a judge must approve a child support order to make it official. Violations of an order — such as late, partial or unmet support payments — are met with serious penalties, including additional fees, possible jail time and the repercussions that could affect your custody rights.

Matt Skinner offers experienced guidance to individuals seeking support obligations from their co-parents. He is skilled in filing contempt actions in court, which can result in automatic support being taken from the noncustodial parent’s paycheck, tax refunds, benefits and other funds.

Likewise, Matt Skinner provides protection to noncustodial parents whose support obligations are excessive. He is prepared to build a firm defense against nonpayment charges, and will fight on your behalf to reduce — and, when possible, dismiss — any penalties you may face.

Protecting Your Rights, As Well As Your Child’s

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