How does a DUI affect insurance rates?

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In South Dakota, a person accused of driving with a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.08 can face arrest for DUI. However, drivers accused of having a BAC between 0.05 and 0.08 in the state can still face arrest if the police believe the individual was in no condition to safely operate a vehicle.

There are many costs associated with a DUI. In addition to the state fine, a convicted party will also typically need to pay for towing and impound, ignition lock, and payment for an alcohol treatment program. Drivers can also expect their insurance rates to go up significantly.

Monthly premiums

You can expect your monthly rate to increase a lot after a DUI conviction. For starters, if you benefitted from a safe driving discount, then you can expect that to go away right away. The exact amount you can expect your premiums to increase will ultimately depend on where you live and where you get your insurance from. On average, South Dakota drivers with a DUI conviction can expect their premiums to go up by a multiplier of 1.88. The insurance impacts of a DUI can last for years.

Insurance rates when a friend drove the car

You may have loaned a friend your car, not expecting them to drive drunk. One thing leads to another, and the cops arrest your friend for DUI within your vehicle. You may worry if this will affect your insurance rates, but you may have nothing to fret. Typically, the DUI will affect your friend’s insurance, not yours.

The insurance consequences of a DUI are among the many things that add to the stakes in cases involving DUI charges. This underscores the importance having the support of an experienced DUI attorney when facing allegations of drunk driving.