A Comprehensive Approach To Probation Violations

At the Skinner Law Office, P.C., we provide residents of the Black Hills area effective, professional and affordable criminal defense and probation violations’ representation. Attorney Matthew L. Skinner regularly works with prosecutors, judges and probation officers throughout Pennington and Meade counties. He meets all deadlines because he takes immediate action on any probationary matter.

New South Dakota Legislation

Due in part to overcrowding of prisons in South Dakota, the governor signed into law Senate Bill 70 to give certain offenders a chance to serve their sentences on probation rather than in jail. This provides a court-supervised alternative for individuals convicted of DUI and certain drug crimes.

Probation violations, however, arise if there’s a failure to follow probationary conditions set under the bill. Any probation violation is costly. Such violations ultimately could result in having to serve out the remainder of your sentence in prison.

As a lawyer, Matt Skinner keeps up on South Dakota law and all of its trends – particularly aspects concerning probation violations. He makes certain no incorrect interpretation of the law results in a probation violation.

Taking Action When Misunderstandings Arise

Misunderstandings often arise in probationary matters due to unintentional violations of the terms of probation. Unfortunately, such misunderstandings often result in reinstatement of the original criminal charge.

Matt Skinner provides the same level of high-quality representation to probationary matters as he does to cases tried in criminal court. Matt also makes certain any probationary condition is legitimate. He aggressively defends you during probationary hearings while telling your side of the story.

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