Rapid City Marijuana Defense Lawyer Protecting South Dakota Residents And Visitors

South Dakota’s marijuana laws are marked by long, mandatory prison sentences and fines reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars. Even the slightest possession charge can carry jail time of several months. It is clear that the local authorities take such matters seriously. Prosecutors are swift to press charges and seek harsh penalties. This can come as a surprise to residents as well as visitors hailing from other states, where marijuana laws may be more lenient.

Attorney Matt Skinner can help. For more than 25 years, he has provided individuals in Rapid City and throughout Pennington and Meade counties with aggressive defense against marijuana charges. He is a skilled marijuana crime defense lawyer who has won acquittals for clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges.

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South Dakota’s Evolving Marijuana Laws

As in most states, the criminal laws governing marijuana are evolving and changing. Just this year, South Dakota voters approved an initiative to add marijuana legalization measures as a voting line item. The people of South Dakota approved this measure, yet there remain questions of the measure’s constitutionality. The vote for legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana is currently under review by the state Supreme Court. As we wait to see how this measure turns out, Matt Skinner continues to defend clients against various marijuana charges.

A medical marijuana bill passed and is in effect. However, even though medical marijuana is legal, it is not without limits and restrictions. A person carrying marijuana will need appropriate authorization, and there are limits to the types and potency of the drug that a patient is allowed to possess.

Matt Skinner is well-versed in the changing marijuana laws in South Dakota. If you have been arrested for possession or any related crime involving marijuana or any of its derivatives, talk with him. Matt Skinner can walk you through your criminal defense and, if there is any way to get you out from under these charges, he will find it.

Having A Local Marijuana Defense Lawyer Is Crucial To Fighting Criminal Charges

Matt Skinner offers experienced, assertive representation against all criminal charges stemming from marijuana, including:

  • Possession
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Cannabis edibles
  • Hash/hash oil and cannabis concentrates
  • Marijuana-related DUI
  • Marijuana cultivation
  • Marijuana distribution
  • Marijuana manufacturing

Having a local lawyer on your side in a cannabis case is crucial. Matt Skinner is familiar with the region’s courts and prosecutors. He will negotiate to reduce the charges against you — and, when possible, have them dismissed.

Visitors from out of state may be required to return to South Dakota and attend their hearings. Matt Skinner will endeavor to circumvent this. In many cases, he is able to represent out-of-state clients in their absence. If you came as a tourist and were arrested during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or at another state attraction, you should not be unduly penalized. Your rights must not be infringed. Matt Skinner will work hard to ensure that you are able to return home and remain there.

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