Making Your Voice Heard When You Face A Motorcycle DUI Charge

A motorcycle DUI in South Dakota can lead to heavy fines and potentially extensive jail time. How you respond to a DUI charge may make a big difference in the future of your freedoms. If you received a DUI while attending Sturgis, your best chance at limiting the damage is by contacting a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.

Matthew L. Skinner of Skinner Law Office, P.C., has provided clients with a voice in criminal defense since 1995. Matt has been in the Rapid City area for decades and knows how to approach your defense. And, when you reach out to us, you receive close attention to your case from an attorney who speaks with you directly.

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Our Resources And Experience Working For Your Benefit

Whether you received a charge for driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs, you face potentially life-changing consequences including months in jail and a suspended license. It is not uncommon for charges to be reduced or dismissed altogether. We have access to knowledgeable experts and investigators who can get to the bottom of your case.

Please see our South Dakota DUI Defense FAQ to learn more about your options.

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Our office has the resources and experience necessary to help you with your DUI charge. We represent clients from throughout the Meade County and beyond. Connect with us for a free consultation by calling 605-519-5600, or complete our contact form.