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At Skinner Law Office, we fight for you in every aspect of your DUI case, from defense against license suspension to defense against the DUI charge itself. We thoroughly investigate cases from a defense perspective, looking for every possible way to get the charge reduced or dismissed. Right now the important thing for you is to put our Rapid City DUI defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

The penalties in South Dakota for a DUI/DWI conviction are severe. Even for a first offense, you face significant fines and possible jail time. A DUI conviction can also severely affect your driving privileges. You face a possible driver’s license suspension and other restrictions. Don’t wait. Put Skinner Law Office on your side today.

For a free consultation with an experienced DUI defense lawyer, call us in Rapid City at 605-519-5600 or send us an email. We represent South Dakota residents and visitors facing DUI charges throughout the Black Hills region.

Decades Of Experience In DUI/DWI Defense Representation

Having tried cases involving drunk driving charges for 25 years, DUI defense attorney Matt Skinner understands every aspect of DUI/DWI representation. He understands the approach that prosecuting attorneys will take when trying your case. Matt Skinner aggressively challenges whether arrests were proper, blood-alcohol evidence was correctly handled, consent for blood or field sobriety tests was properly obtained, or that there existed probable cause to pull you over.

Our law office has access to investigators and experts who can help in your case. Investigators find out what occurred. Alcohol evaluation experts look for discrepancies in test results concerning blood or breath tests.

We represent individuals facing DUI charges across the Black Hills region. This includes defending out-of-state clients arrested for DUI/DWI in Sturgis or Spearfish during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We also represent tourists who were arrested for DUI while visiting the Black Hills during summer vacations.

As a criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in DUI cases, Matt Skinner knows South Dakota DUI laws, keeps up to date with trends and possible challenges to drunk driving charges, and can capably negotiate and litigate your case.

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Challenging The DUI/DWI Charges Against You

When facing charges of intoxicated driving, it might seem like there is no hope for an effective defense. Perhaps the breath or blood test showed a blood-alcohol content (BAC) higher than the legal limit or the arresting officer has clear evidence that you could not walk or speak properly from the roadside tests. These are strong evidentiary elements, and it makes sense that you would be concerned.

However, these cases are not as simple as they sometimes appear. There are numerous ways to challenge DUI/DWI charges in South Dakota. With decades of criminal defense experience, Matt Skinner knows how to fight these charges. He challenges every aspect of the case, including:

  • The legality of the stop: This is the most important factor for challenging drunk-driving charges in South Dakota. There are strict regulations for when and how a police officer can make a stop for drunk driving. There has to be probable cause to believe that the person being arrested is in fact intoxicated. Probable cause can include speeding or other forms of reckless driving. Absent probable cause, the stop is illegal. A viable criminal charge cannot arise from an illegal stop. Therefore, if it can be shown that the stop lacked probable cause, it can result in dropped charges.
  • The blood and breath tests: Although they seem very accurate and official, the methods of technology used by the police for breath and blood tests are not perfect. There are times when the machines malfunction, and there are numerous factors that can alter the results. For example, in some cases, a driver chewing gum shortly before taking the breath test could show up as having alcohol in the system even though the person wasn’t drinking at all. Matt Skinner will explore all the possible challenges to the breath and blood tests.
  • The roadside sobriety tests: There are a few common roadside sobriety tests that the police have drivers perform to determine whether they are intoxicated. The walk and turn, touching your nose and the horizontal gaze nystagmus (following the officer’s finger back and forth with your eyes) are three of the most common roadside sobriety tests. The problem with these tests is that they are highly inaccurate.

If you are facing DUI charge of any kind, you can be confident that Matt Skinner has the experience and dedication to handle your case effectively. An overworked public defender or an inexperienced lawyer will lack either the knowledge or time to uncover flaws in the prosecutor’s case. If there is any way to win your case, Matt Skinner will find it.

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