Frequently Asked Questions – Auto Accidents & Insurance

Attorney Matt Skinner of Skinner Law Office, P.C., has provided clients with motor vehicle accident representation for decades. From everyday accidents that leave the injured with long-term damages, to motorcycle accidents at Sturgis season, he has seen an array of different complex cases.

As a personal injury lawyer, Matt often hears the following questions related to auto accidents:

Will I go to court if I file a claim for my injury?

It is possible the liable party will be willing to negotiate a settlement – in which case a courtroom is not necessary. Attorney Skinner is experienced both in trials and negotiations and will stand by you throughout your case.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit after a car accident?

The statute of limitations for a personal injury case in South Dakota is three years. So, you have three years from the date of your accident or discovery of injuries to file a claim.

Should I talk to an insurance company?

You are required by law to cooperate with your own insurance company (which an attorney can do on your behalf). However, you should be careful not to take their first settlement without consulting a lawyer. There may be funds for damages you are not aware you can claim. In addition, you are not required to give a statement to anyone else’s insurance company — in fact, doing so could hurt your claim.

How much is my auto accident case worth?

Every case is different. The worth of an injury claim depends entirely on the losses related to the auto accident. You may pursue compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages from missing work.

Can I still collect compensation if an uninsured driver hits me?

If you are a South Dakota resident, you are required to have uninsured motorist coverage. In that case, you would make a claim with your own insurance company. However, you may also file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for damages.

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