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Navigating the complexities of drug charges in South Dakota can be overwhelming. At Skinner Law Office in Rapid City, our drug charge lawyers are here to help alleviate your burdens and fight to protect your rights and freedom. Below, we have answered some of the top questions we often hear from clients facing drug charges, with a specific focus on marijuana and cannabis edibles.

What are the penalties for drug possession in South Dakota?

The penalties for drug possession in South Dakota can vary significantly depending on the type of drug, the quantity and whether the charge is for simple possession or possession with intent to distribute. Drug charges range from misdemeanors, which may result in fines and relatively short jail terms, to felonies, which can lead to lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines. For a clear understanding of the stakes in your specific case, we encourage you to contact our law firm in Rapid City for a free consultation: 605-519-5600.

How does South Dakota classify marijuana edibles?

In South Dakota, cannabis edibles are classified similarly to other forms of marijuana. Possession, sale or distribution of edibles is illegal under state law and is subject to the same penalties as other marijuana products. It’s important to note that the weight of the entire edible, not just the THC content, is considered when determining the severity of the charge. Even if you purchased cannabis edibles legally in another state, you could still face serious drug charges for possession or intent to distribute cannabis edibles in South Dakota.

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Can I get charged with a drug crime for prescription medication?

Yes, it’s possible to be charged with a drug offense for prescription medications if you possess them without a valid prescription, or if you’re found to be distributing or manufacturing prescription drugs illegally. These charges can be quite serious, especially if they involve opioids, stimulants, benzodiazepines or other controlled substances.

What should I do if I’m arrested for a drug charge in South Dakota?

If you’re arrested for a drug charge in South Dakota, it is critical to exercise your right to remain silent and request a criminal defense attorney immediately. Contact Skinner Law Office right away. Anything you say to law enforcement can be used against you in court. Contacting Skinner Law Office as soon as possible can help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

How can the drug charge lawyers at Skinner Law Office help?

If you need a criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights and freedom in Rapid City or anywhere in South Dakota, Skinner Law Office is the law firm to choose. We have a long record of success in getting drug charges reduced or dismissed. We are also dedicated criminal defense trial lawyers who will not hesitate to fight for you in court. The stakes are too high to put your case in the hands of a less experienced attorney. We encourage you to contact us today.

Are drug courts an option for me in South Dakota?

Drug courts may be available to some individuals facing drug charges in South Dakota. These courts focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment for drug offenders who are struggling with addiction. Participants in drug court programs often receive a combination of supervision, drug testing, treatment services and educational opportunities. Eligibility depends on the nature of the offense and the individual’s criminal history. Our drug charge attorneys can help determine if drug court is a viable option for your case.

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What are the consequences of a drug conviction beyond legal penalties?

Beyond the immediate legal penalties, a drug conviction in South Dakota can have long-term effects on your life. This may include difficulties in finding employment, securing housing, obtaining educational loans, and loss of certain civil rights. A conviction can also impact your driver’s license and professional licenses. At Skinner Law Office, we understand the broader implications and work tirelessly to help mitigate the potential consequences of a drug charge.

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