A Firm, Personal Approach To Defense Against Meth Crimes

South Dakota classifies methamphetamine as a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance — a classification reserved for the most harmful and most harshly penalized drugs. Virtually all methamphetamine charges are felony charges. As such, they carry stiff fines and long, compulsory prison terms.

If you face allegations of meth crimes, you need a lawyer who will fight to protect your rights. Attorney Matthew L. Skinner has provided aggressive drug defense counsel for individuals in Rapid City and throughout the Black Hills area for more than 25 years. His approach to the law is firm yet compassionate. He endeavors to understand his clients personally, to learn their motives and legal goals. Through knowing his clients, he is able to build them the strongest possible defense.

Matt Skinner has represented individuals facing meth charges successfully, and he is ready to argue on your behalf.

Matt Skinner Offers A Thorough Challenge To The Prosecution

State prosecutors pursue methamphetamine charges vigorously. Individuals can be charged not just for possessing the drug itself, but also for possessing any of the chemical compounds that go into the drug’s creation. The authorities’ power is broad, and they exercise this power routinely — at times, excessively.

Matt Skinner will investigate every aspect of the charges against you. If the authorities have infringed upon your rights at any point of the process, he will work rigorously to have the allegations dismissed. If there is any weakness in their case, he will find it. Drawing on his experience in the region, he can negotiate with local prosecutors to reduce the charges you face. Yet if it will yield a better outcome, he will be prepared to protect your rights in court.

Defend Your Rights

If you have been arrested in Sturgis, Rapid City or the surrounding region on meth or crystal meth charges, Matt Skinner can help. You can schedule a free consultation online or by calling his offices at 605-519-5600.