Were You Injured Or Arrested In Sturgis?

On average, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brings more than 400,000 visitors to South Dakota annually. During the course of the event, local authorities make hundreds of arrests each year. DUIs and misdemeanor drug possession account for the majority of charges, but a substantial number of individuals are also arrested on felony drug charges or for other severe offenses.

Because many are injured each year at Sturgis, the police are not lenient with those they arrest. If you are facing criminal charges, you will need a local lawyer to protect your liberties and rights. Attorney Matthew L. Skinner has practiced criminal law in Rapid City and throughout Pennington and Meade counties for more than 25 years. He knows the law and, just as important, he knows the regional jurisdiction. He is prepared to provide firm, effective representation for you.

The Police Are Assertive. So Is Matt Skinner’s Defense Counsel.

Sturgis-area police are proactive in their duty. They do not merely arrest individuals for speeding down the highway, but have also been known to set up creative and elaborate sting operations to bring potential offenders in. Their priority is to keep the streets safe. Yet they undertake strong measures to achieve this.

If you are arrested while attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, whether at a campground Buffalo Chip or elsewhere in the area, Matt Skinner will work aggressively to defend you against an array of criminal charges, including:

Matt Skinner will examine every aspect of your case to see if dismissal is a possibility. He will negotiate with local prosecutors to reduce the charges you face, when appropriate, but will always prepare to fight on your behalf in court. In many situations, he is able to defend out-of-state residents in their absence. He will endeavor to enable you to remain at home for the duration of your proceedings.

Protection Against Injury At Sturgis

By its very nature, a large number of individuals at Sturgis suffer serious injuries each year. In addition to his criminal law practice, Matt Skinner offers vigorous counsel in matters of personal injury. If you have been injured, he will fight to hold the responsible parties accountable.

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