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The top defenses to consider after a DUI charge

All drivers know that they should not get behind the wheel when they are under the influence of alcohol. However, many drivers who consider themselves to be responsible get behind the wheel after one or two light beers, convinced that they are within the legal driving limit. But when they are pulled over by law enforcement officials and asked to perform a Breathalyzer test, they may be shocked by the result.

When a Breathalyzer test indicates that you are over the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%, this will undoubtedly lead to your arrest, but you still have the right to defend yourself and seek to have the charges dropped. The following are some of the top defenses to consider after a DUI charge.

Fight charges if you've been arrested at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

You love riding, so you've made a habit of attending rallies around the U.S. One of the best events for motorcyclists is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which brings in thousands of riders to the city. This year, it's between August 7 and 16, giving riders just over a week to enjoy being with others who have similar hobbies and interests.

These types of rallies can be a lot of fun to attend, but there is always going to be a risk of an arrest if you're not cautious. Since drinking is prominent at local bars, many vehicles are left out in the open. People are often riding around together, so something is bound to go wrong for at least one or two people.

Driving under the influence charges can arise without alcohol

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) does not always involve the use of alcohol. Indeed, a South Dakota driver could be charged with DUI without ever drinking a drop of alcohol.

That's because any substance that impairs a driver's ability to operate their vehicle safely can result in the driver being arrested for driving under the influence.

Defending yourself against cocaine charges in South Dakota

Cocaine is illegal to possess, sell and traffic in all states. However, the penalties to which an offender will be subject depends on the state that they were in at the time. In South Dakota, the severity of the penalties for cocaine possession, sale or trafficking depends on the amount of cocaine involved.

If you have been accused of a cocaine-related crime in South Dakota, first gain a clear understanding of the penalties that you may face. Then, you should proceed to understand the options you have to defend yourself and possibly have all charges dismissed.

Methamphetamine: A real struggle for people in South Dakota

Methamphetamine is a highly illegal substance that has few medical uses. It is known to have a high potential for abuse, and it's also known that using meth can lead to psychological physical dependency.

Unfortunately, methamphetamine has spread throughout South Dakota, and as a result, there is a meth crisis in the state. In fact, the crisis is so significant that the state started an anti-methamphetamine campaign at the end of 2019 that aimed to reduce meth use.

Drivers must use caution around motorcycles

People who ride motorcycles around the Sturgis area might actually be safer than those in other areas because people are accustomed to seeing riders here. Still, it is up to the bikers and other motorists to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible on the roads.

There are many things that individuals have to think about when they're on the roads. One of the most important is that they're following the applicable laws. When these aren't followed, people can suffer serious injuries.

Understanding heroin laws in South Dakota

Heroin is a highly addictive drug that destroys lives. Unfortunately, those who become addicted to the drug face huge challenges when getting clean, because of the profound withdrawal symptoms and the highly addictive nature.

Federal laws and South Dakota state laws make heroin illegal, and those found in possession of even the smallest amount of heroin can face severe consequences. If you or a loved one has been found in possession of heroin in South Dakota, you must take action to better understand the law.

Are you aware of these DUI defenses?

If you have recently been charged with a DUI, this likely occurred after you were pulled over by law enforcement officials and asked to perform a Breathalyzer test. If this was the case, you must take swift action to adequately defend yourself. Failing to do so could mean that you will lose your driver's license, pay significant fines and perhaps even face jail time.

There are many different possibilities when it comes to defending yourself against a DUI charge. Some of these you may be already aware of, and others you may not be. Take the time to understand all of the possible defense routes available to you before deciding how to move forward. The best defense will depend on the specific circumstances pertaining to your case. The following are some defenses that you may be able to use.

Do you know the weaknesses of Breathalyzer tests?

Failing a Breathalyzer test is a frustrating, often frightening experience. In the moment, many people feel as though they are headed straight for a drunk driving conviction and there is nothing they can do about it. Drunk driving arrests are all different, so there is no one-size-fits-all defense that can protect all defendants, but building a strong legal defense after receiving charges is always better than failing to prepare any defense at all.

If you recently received drunk driving charges after failing a Breathalyzer test, now is the time to take action to protect your rights and your future. Drunk driving convictions are costly, and may lead to jail time, loss of driving privileges, and may impact your ability to keep your job or home. Make sure to examine the specifics of your arrest carefully to find weaknesses in the evidence against you, using the strength of the law to keep your rights secure.

A DUI conviction, a suspended license and your future

Let us say that you were returning home after attending a party to celebrate the new job you are about to start. Law enforcement pulled you over for a broken taillight but smelled alcohol on your breath.

The officer arrested you on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. You are understandably nervous. Your future looks bleak. How will a DUI conviction affect you?


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