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Divorce and your adult child with a disability

With gray divorce on the rise, you may be facing a split in your 50s, 60s, 70s or even 80s. When you have an adult child with a disability, then what happens to the child could become a pressing concern. In fact, you may have stayed married as long as you did because of that child.

Issues to consider are where the child will live, how parents can best care for the child and if there will be child support payments.

An innocent online prank? What you need to know about swatting

Like most young people, you like to spend a lot of time online. Whether you catch up with your friends on social media or you are into gaming, there is nothing wrong with unwinding from the stress of your day by getting on the internet. However, it is important for you and other South Dakota residents to understand the potentially harmful and serious consequences of taking an online joke too far.

It is understandable that sometimes you might get into arguments online. Someone might say something you disagree with in a discussion room, or one of your gaming friends could mess up and cause your team to lose. There are some who take an online disagreement to extremes by making threats, harassing others or engaging in a prank that can cause actual harm.

Beware of handling someone else's prescriptions

If you are like many people, you never gave a second thought to accepting offers of leftover medication from a friend. After all, your friend had the same condition recently, and the medication helped his or her recovery. Now you may feel like you have the opportunity to get better as well.

However, it can be a crime to possess medication without a prescription, even if someone else legally obtained it. In fact, you could even, theoretically, get in trouble for taking your own prescription drugs out of their labeled bottles and putting them in pill boxes.

What are some reasons you might not pass a field sobriety test?

The holidays are here, and for many residents of South Dakota and elsewhere, this means celebrations that involve alcohol. Law enforcement is also aware of this, and they will be especially vigilant in the next few weeks to catch those who are too intoxicated to safely drive. If an officer pulls you over, he or she might ask you to take a field sobriety test. What you might not know is that even if you are completely sober, you might fail the test and receive a DUI charge.

How can you fail a field sobriety test despite not having anything to drink? First, you need to understand that the results of field sobriety tests depend on a police officer’s individual judgment. An officer will pay attention to your coordination and behavior, as well as your speech, facial expressions and eye movements. The following points illustrate a few ways you might not pass a field sobriety test:

  • You might naturally have poor balance and coordination.
  • You could be nervous or tired and have difficulty understanding or performing instructions.
  • Allergies, medication and fatigue might contribute to your eyes looking red and puffy, which an officer could misinterpret as signs of intoxication.
  • You could have an injury, illness or impairment that affects your speech or mobility, making you appear as if you had too much to drink.

How effective are drug courts?

Though not currently available everywhere, drug courts are programs that are sometimes available to those who receive convictions for drug crimes. Typically, drug courts offer treatment and counseling to participants who must make regular appearances before a judge in conjunction with regular drug testing, and if you take part in one, it may help you beat your addiction once and for all.

In addition to helping addicts stay out of prison and curb their addictions by essentially forcing them to abstain from drugs, drug courts, per the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, offer numerous additional benefits. More specifically, drug courts:

Does a DUI charge hurt my chances at child custody?

Yes, being charged with a DUI can negatively affect your chances of getting child custody, whether it is full custody or joint custody. The extent to which it influences custody depends on factors such as any other charges or convictions you have faced, your relationship with the co-parent, the circumstances surrounding the charge and the strength of the evidence against you.

The "good" news is that a DUI charge normally does not affect legal custody, which lets you make decisions about your children's medical care, religious education and cultural education, among other things. It is physical custody, the issue of where the children live, that you are more likely to lose out on. The ways in which a DUI charge affect physical custody can be indirect and far-reaching, too.

3 tips on emotionally preparing for your divorce

When you know your marriage is nearing the end, it can be devastating. The thought of divorcing from your spouse can cause a lot of pain and grief. It can seem impossible to manage the wave of emotions that come with divorce. However, if you make the effort, you can weather the storm and heal. 

Divorce can cause you to hyper-focus on the despair and forget everything else. But if you try each day to direct your attention to certain aspects of your life, you will be better off. Here are some tips for emotionally preparing for divorce. 

What to do financially when divorce becomes inevitable

When it becomes apparent that you and your spouse are no longer on the same page in your marriage and unable to bridge the gaps, it may be time for you to separate. In those circumstances, even if you are not entirely sure if divorce is the answer, you should make sure your finances are in order to protect your future. 

There are a number of ways you can prepare your finances for divorce. 

How to emotionally survive your divorce

Divorce is often one of the most stressful and difficult experiences you will ever have. It is common to feel helpless, confused and angry. While these feelings are normal, you do not have to let them control you. With the right tools, you can get through your divorce by focusing on the positives and moving on.

While you may not be able to completely eliminate your negative emotions, there are several steps you can take to cope with the pain and find a sense of hope. Keep reading to learn how you can get through this.

You were charged with DUI — and not even driving?

The laws for driving under the influence are quite strict in South Dakota. For example, law enforcement can still charge you with DUI if you parked your car, but they found you intoxicated while sitting behind the wheel and in control of the ignition key.

If this is your first offense, the court could revoke your license for up to one year. The penalty is automatic if this is your second or third offense. However, you need to be able to drive because there is no other way for you to get to work. What you need now is sound legal advice and support.

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