Arrested at Sturgis: Here is what you need to know

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Sturgis is the largest motorcycle rally in the United States. It runs from August 4th through August 13th in 2023. Many people stay at the Buffalo Chip Campground during the rally.

The reality is that dozens of riders find themselves under arrest for DUI, felony drug charges and assault at or around the rally each night. It is important to remember what to do when taken into custody.

Be polite

Do not argue with the officers or court officials. This can only hurt your case.

Comply with requests

If an officer requests something of you, such as your identification or registration, comply but do not say anything unnecessary. The police may have the right to a cursory pat-down if they suspect that you have a weapon. In any case, do not resist, but make it clear that you do not consent to a search beyond a pat-down.

Exercise your right to remain silent

Remember, anything you say can and probably will be used against you in court. It is best not to say anything except to ask for a lawyer. Do not say anything without a lawyer present. You can ask if you are under arrest, and if the police say you are, you have a right to know the reason.

Call a lawyer as soon as possible

After arrest or booking, you can make a phone call. Make this call count. Call a lawyer right away.

If you get arrested for any reason at Sturgis, you need a DUI and criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience in these specific cases. You need a local South Dakota lawyer who knows the legal landscape.

There may be ways to get the charges reduced or even dismissed. Your first step should be to get the legal counsel and representation you need to protect your rights, liberties and future.