4 things to know about women and DUIs

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Men are generally far more likely to be arrested for DUIs than women are. This does not mean that women are exempt from such charges, though. According to the Traffic Resource Center, in fact, arrest rates for women have been on the rise while rates for men have been on the decline. This is an alarming trend, and if you are a woman who has recently been arrest and charged with driving under the influence, there are four things you should know.

Women may be treated differently by law enforcement

Some studies have indicated that women are typically treated differently than men by law enforcement. There is little consensus, however, on whether you might be subject to better or worse treatment. Regardless, as a woman who is being arrested for DUI, you are likely to face a different experience than your male counterpart, and this may affect the objectivity an officer should maintain throughout the arrest and proceedings.

Women absorb alcohol easier and faster

One of the most common contributing factors to DUIs is an unawareness of one’s own inebriation. For you, this is an especially relevant risk to consider. Men absorb alcohol at a much slower rate than women because they generally possess higher levels of body water compared to women within a similar weight range. So, you must be more careful to pace your drinking and be cognizant of your blood alcohol level.

Different factors contribute to women’s DUIs

In addition to the aforementioned physical differences between men and women, there are many different contributing factors that may lead to DUI charges for women. Some experts suggest that the rising rates are due to increased pressure surrounding work, family and social stress. Others simply attribute it to the increasing prevalence of women drivers on the road. Still, if you are susceptible to factors that may motivate you to drink, you should be careful.

A DUI can derail your life

One thing that is true for both men and women charged with a DUI is that the effects can derail your life. In addition to the fines and potential jail time, a conviction could determine your employment prospects for the future and make it difficult to get insurance at a reasonable rate. It is imperative that you do everything within your power to protect your future.

One of the best ways to do so is hiring an attorney to defend you. Contacting a lawyer may help you understand your legal options after a DUI.