How to emotionally survive your divorce

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Divorce is often one of the most stressful and difficult experiences you will ever have. It is common to feel helpless, confused and angry. While these feelings are normal, you do not have to let them control you. With the right tools, you can get through your divorce by focusing on the positives and moving on.

While you may not be able to completely eliminate your negative emotions, there are several steps you can take to cope with the pain and find a sense of hope. Keep reading to learn how you can get through this.

Confront your feelings

Your first instinct might be to shut down and try to avoid your feelings as much as possible. This can easily lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. You will have to grieve the end of your marriage at one point or another, so it is better to do it now instead of delaying your recovery. Face your grief head on with the knowledge it will not last forever.

Focus on the present

It is too easy to dwell on the past. Resentment and guilt can both tear you apart. Avoid the temptation to ruminate on wrongdoings and instead immerse yourself into what is currently happening. Explore new interests, practice self-care and establish a comforting routine.

Find healthy distractions 

Sometimes it can be difficult to control your emotions, and sometimes you just need a distraction. If you are finding it hard to get your mind off the separation, try making plans with friends, taking the dog for a walk or picking up a new hobby. Distracting yourself is a viable way to regulate your emotions and help you move forward.

Nothing will take the pain away immediately, but following this guide can help you handle your divorce better. By allowing yourself to grieve, staying present and occupying yourself with healthy distractions, you can come out the other side.