3 tips on emotionally preparing for your divorce

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When you know your marriage is nearing the end, it can be devastating. The thought of divorcing from your spouse can cause a lot of pain and grief. It can seem impossible to manage the wave of emotions that come with divorce. However, if you make the effort, you can weather the storm and heal.

Divorce can cause you to hyper-focus on the despair and forget everything else. But if you try each day to direct your attention to certain aspects of your life, you will be better off. Here are some tips for emotionally preparing for divorce.

1. Be a supportive parent

As your divorce comes near, you probably worry about the emotional effects it will have on your children. First, remember it is impossible for you to be a perfect parent. Secondly, try your best to be understanding and empathetic with your children. Be kind and validate their emotions. Avoid talking trash about the other parent.

2. Seek social support

You might feel tempted to hide away during your divorce. Isolation is damaging to your emotional health and will only make things worse. While a little alone time is necessary and healthy, do not close off your support systems. Force yourself to go out with friends or participate in a social activity. Friends and confidants can help you make sense of your journey.

3. Strategize your finances

Your finances will likely change during divorce, and it is best not to ignore this fact. Accept reality and assess the facts. Start budgeting and planning now so your expenses do not sideswipe you later. Remember that you have the ability to expand your financial resources and survive without your spouse.

Splitting up can make you feel hopeless, helpless and bitter. According to HelpGuide, you should let yourself grieve, reach out for support and practice self-care to make it through your divorce.