How effective are drug courts?

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Though not currently available everywhere, drug courts are programs that are sometimes available to those who receive convictions for drug crimes. Typically, drug courts offer treatment and counseling to participants who must make regular appearances before a judge in conjunction with regular drug testing, and if you take part in one, it may help you beat your addiction once and for all.

In addition to helping addicts stay out of prison and curb their addictions by essentially forcing them to abstain from drugs, drug courts, per the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, offer numerous additional benefits. More specifically, drug courts:

Considerably reduce crime

Drug courts are so effective at reducing crime that 75 percent of all drug court graduates have not reoffended two years after completing the program. Additionally, drug courts, when compared with other penalty options, such as jail time, reduce crime by as much as 45 percent.

Help reunite families

If you enter and complete drug court, you are far more likely to reunite with your family and children than you would be otherwise. As a parent, you are also more likely to attend and complete drug treatment than you would be without kids. Furthermore, your children are also far less likely to have to live with someone other than you for an extended period, such as a relative or foster parent, because of your participation in drug court.

Save communities money

Statistics show that placing drug addicts in drug court is a more affordable alternative to placing them behind bars. More specifically, for every $1 invested in drug court programs nationwide, taxpayers save more than $3. Furthermore, drug courts save anywhere from $3,000 to $13,000 for every participant who completes them.

These are just some of the many proven benefits of graduating drug court. If you are facing a drug charge, you may want to find out whether drug court is an option for you.