How to avoid a DUI around the holidays

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Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s should be a joyous time of year. You do not want to ruin such a memorable and happy occasion by getting a DUI

South Dakota consistently has the highest rate of DUIs in the country. There are approximately 938 arrests for DUI out of every 100,000 people. There is no reason for anyone to contribute to that number, so now that the holiday season is here, it is vital to understand some tips to avoid an arrest. 

Designate a driver

The best rule of thumb for avoiding a DUI is to never get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Having a designated driver is a simple but effective way to do that. This person should agree to not consume any alcohol for the evening, and she or he takes you and your family home at the end of the night. To make things fair, you should agree to serve as the designated driver for one year while your partner or friend takes on the responsibility the next year. If no one wants to assume the role, then you should be ready to contact a rideshare or taxi service. 

Pack a bag

You need to be ready for anything, and that may mean no one will be able to drive you home. When this happens, a lot of people decide to drive because their house is only a few miles away. Instead, you should stay the night at a friend’s house or hotel. You will be a lot more likely to do this if you already have your bag ready, so pack one, just in case. 

Behave at any stops

You may not have drunk anything all evening, but the police could still pull you over on the way home. You should cooperate with the police to the fullest extent. Remember, you can still get in trouble if your blood alcohol concentration is over 0.00 but below 0.08. Take care this holiday season so that you do not have to spend any Christmas money on fines.