Drivers must use caution around motorcycles

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People who ride motorcycles around the Sturgis area might actually be safer than those in other areas because people are accustomed to seeing riders here. Still, it is up to the bikers and other motorists to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible on the roads.

There are many things that individuals have to think about when they’re on the roads. One of the most important is that they’re following the applicable laws. When these aren’t followed, people can suffer serious injuries.

Motorists are serious hazards for bikers

One of the biggest hazards for bikers is other motorists. When another driver is involved in a crash with a motorcyclist, the vast majority of cases, around two-thirds of them, are because the motorist didn’t obey the right of way laws. It is important for all drivers to remember that motorcyclists have rights on the roads.

There are many reasons why motorcycles are at a disadvantage when they’re on the road with other vehicles, including their small profile. This is a huge problem in certain areas, such as intersections where other obstacles might make it challenging for other drivers to see the biker. Approximately 70% of motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle occur at intersections.

When motorcycles are on the roads, all drivers must ensure they’re paying close attention to what’s going on. Motorcyclists do have a host of ways they can try to prevent an accident, but they must be very careful. Trying to maneuver a motorcycle out of the way of a hazard could lead the biker to a precarious position, such as trying to keep control of the bike on uneven pavement or a similar situation.

Serious consequences of crashes

There are very serious consequences of motorcycle crashes. When a motorcyclist is struck, they are five times more likely to suffer an injury and 26 times more likely to die than a person who’s in a vehicle. This stark increase in the potential of something catastrophic occurring should encourage everyone who’s operating a vehicle to do so in a safe manner.

When a biker does suffer an injury, they must get the medical care they need. If the wreck was caused by another driver, they can opt to pursue a claim for compensation from that individual as well as any other that might also hold some liability for the crash.