Your auto accident injury, medical attention and damages to claim

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No one expects to be the victim of a vehicle crash, but accidents do happen. You could even receive a severe injury as the result of a minor collision.

If the unexpected occurs and you sustain injuries in a car accident, what kind of damages could you claim?

On the medical front

A rule of thumb is to seek prompt medical attention following any kind of vehicle crash, even if you feel OK afterward. First, you could have underlying injuries that did not present symptoms at the time of the crash. Second, a doctor’s report with the diagnosis and treatment will be important in terms of filing for insurance compensation.

Expenses you may face

After a vehicle crash, you could face various medical expenses depending on your injury:

– Ambulance fee

– Doctor’s visit

– Medical equipment such as crutches or a wheelchair

– Physical or cognitive therapy

– In-home services

– Permanent disability

You may also need ongoing medical care.

Lost wages

Due to the accident and the possibility of hospitalization and any therapy sessions required, you may lose wages. You may have a type of injury that temporarily or even permanently prevents you from working. With the help of your healthcare team, an advocate negotiating with an insurance company on your behalf can calculate the costs you currently face and those you will likely incur going forward.

Pain and suffering

Among the damages you can claim as the injured victim of a vehicle crash are pain and suffering, otherwise defined as mental or physical distress. Your advocate can help to assess the extent of pain and suffering damages. Basically, they derive from the type of injury you suffered and the prognosis for ongoing pain associated with that injury.