What qualifies as domestic abuse?

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Domestic violence is still a problem in modern society. Stamping out such destructive behavior requires recognizing it when we see it.

We are sometimes unaware it is happening because abuse takes many forms. Recognition improves when we understand the types of wrongdoing that exist.

Forms of domestic abuse

When we talk about abuse, we tend to think of physical harm, including:

  • kicking
  • hitting
  • biting
  • pulling
  • punching

People understand this. Less known is that men are often victims of physical abuse. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says 25% of men suffer bodily harm.

Sexual abuse is another form of interpersonal exploitation. It does not always look like an assault. Guilting someone into intercourse and belittling bedroom performance are actions that qualify.

Controlling behavior is insidious, as it may be subtle. Controlling partners track outside communications, enforce dress codes and make constant demands. Victims must be open to the concept that what is happening amounts to emotional abuse.

These are only a few types of domestic abuse we must stop. Speak with a criminal law attorney for further enlightenment on this complex topic.

Effects of domestic abuse

Physical attacks often cause sprains and bruising. Broken bones are another possibility. Other side effects include involuntary shaking, eating disorders, and chronic fatigue. Mental abuse may result in depression, anxiety, and drug or alcohol addiction. Recovering from these symptoms may need expensive hospital visits, therapy sessions, or both.

The harm that relationship abuse causes can last a long time. In a just world, paying for treatments is always the responsibility of perpetrators.